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Prescription Drug Linked to Permanent Hair Loss

What is taxotere?

Taxotere is a prescription drug, also known as docetaxel, which is manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis. It is primarily prescribed to women as part of treatment for breast cancer. There are approximately 300,000 breast cancer diagnoses each year, and a majority of these women will take the drug due to its advantages over paclitaxel, an alternative.

Unlike paclitaxel which needs to be administered once a week, taxotere needs to be given once every three weeks, which is much more convenient. In 2009 alone, Sanofi-Aventismade over $3 billion from taxotere.

What are the side effects of using taxotere?

It has been recently discovered that 10-15% of women who use this drug will suffer from alopecia, or permanent hair loss. Phase II clinical trials of the drug in 2005 revealed this, yet the prescription label was not updated until January of 2016 to note the risk of alcopecia. As a result of the manufacturer’s failure to warn of these risks, thousands of women already battling with breast cancer are now permanently bald.

This side effect is not to be taken lightly. Alcopecia and can lead to a negative body image, causing depression and distress. Breast cancer patients expect to have hair loss during chemotherapy, however most are not prepared for permanent loss of hair. This permanence is a constant reminder of the struggle that they endured, and makes it extremely difficult for the lives of survivors to return to normalcy when they will always look like a cancer patient.

The Lawsuit

Breast cancer survivors and their families who are suffering from alopecia as a result of taking taxocore are now taking action. They are enraged that the manufacturer never warned them of this potential risk, and that they were not able to make an educated decision regarding the medication since pieces of the puzzle were left out.

A variety of charges are being filed against Sanofi-Aventis, including selling taxotere without properly testing it, failing to determine if the drug was safe, selling the drug without disclosing dangers or risks, failing to properly warm patients and heath care providers, misleading the public in advertising and marketing, manufacturing a dangerous drug, concealing information from the public, and last but not least downplaying dangers associated with taxotere.

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