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Over 4 Decades

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Over 4 Decades

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Asbestos History

In ancient Greek, asbestos means “inextinguishable” and aptly defines the serious biological harm that the substance causes.

Victims of asbestos exposure may experience asbestosis, a respiratory disease that leads to scar tissue forming in the lungs. The scar tissue prevents the lungs from freely exchanging gases, expanding and contracting properly. Beyond asbestosis, lung cancer or mesothelioma may develop.

Lung cancer and mesothelioma are highly aggressive diseases that are usually the result of prolonged asbestos exposure. While there are ever-expanding treatment options, there is currently no cure.

Early on, many asbestos manufacturers knew that devastating effects that asbestos products would cause. However, they chose to cover it up. This makes the manufacturers of asbestos products directly responsible for the destruction and suffering this product has caused.

The first diagnosis of asbestosis was found in 1924. A woman who worked with asbestos died twenty years after being exposed. Years later, studies were conducted with asbestos workers in England and laws were passed to increase ventilation and to make asbestosis an excusable work-related disease. Unfortunately, the United States did not make these changes until 10 years later. Lack of attention to these warnings caused further damage to people across the country. The neglect that was given to asbestos affected a variety of people including naval veterans, fire-fighters, shipyard workers, brake mechanics, steam fitters and construction workers. People who have worked in these occupations may be vulnerable to contract asbestosis or another asbestos-related disease.

Victims Have a Legal Right to Pursue a Claim

Manufacturers who were aware of the dangers of asbestos continued to use asbestos in manufacturing and construction. They ignored safer alternatives to make a profit for their own benefit. If you are a victim of asbestos you have a right to file a lawsuit to the manufacturer. They are at fault for the damage and the pain you are suffering. The courts have recognized this, making it possible for victims, and the families of victims, to recover compensation for their suffering.

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