Lung Cancer  


Exposure to asbestos is a known cause of lung cancer. Asbestos is a natural mineral that can become imbedded in our lungs and is very harmful to our health. You cannot see asbestos fibers but can inhale them without knowing. Over time, inhaling these fibers can cause lung cancer. Diagnosis for this cancer must be done through tests by a doctor. 

 Treatment for asbestos lung cancer can be very expensive and difficult for some people to pay for. Treatment includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. People who have developed lung cancer from asbestos deserve compensation for their suffering.  You may be able to receive compensation for: medical treatment, lost income, pain and suffering, disability, and wrongful death.  

Compensation may be recovered through personal injury lawsuits. Hiring an attorney can help you file a claim against companies that are the reason you were exposed. This will help you receive compensation for your suffering. To file a claim, you will need your medical records to prove the diagnosis. Also, you must be able to prove your exposure to asbestos through employment records.  You also need to file your claim within the statute of limitations in your state.   

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