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“Oh my, where do I start. I have had the extreme pleasure of knowing Rudolph F.X. Migliore (Rudy) since 1979.

In the past 37 plus years whenever I called for legal advice Rudy has always been there with his unconditional kindness, advice and knowledge.

I was, still am, and always will be a client of Rudolph F.X. Migliore. I was there from the beginning of his Law Practice, when it was just Migliore & Infranco.

It gives me such pride to see how his Law Firm has grown through the years. Within these years, I’ve seen Rudy become a very caring husband, father, and grow his Law Firm with an extremely knowledgeable staff of Attorneys.

I am so proud of Rudy and how his Law Firm has grown and continues to grow. I feel like a very proud parent watching their child grow through the years.

In fact, every time I see Rudy in his commercial on news 12 no matter where I am; either at home or in a public place I yell with pride ‘that’s my attorney Rudy Migliore, I know him from way back when he started his Law Firm’. It puts a smile on my face every time I see it.

Rudy has always given my family and myself honesty, truthfulness, and trusting advice when needed. His staff and himself personally has handled many legal issues with positive outcomes for my family and myself. Rudy and his staff are very respectful, helpful, and courteous to everyone. They make you feel like family, and I am very proud to be a part of this ‘family’.

It is my pleasure to highly, and extremely recommend the Law Firm of Rudolph F.X. Migliore and his staff for any and all legal services and beyond. If you need help or advice for any legal matters at all this is the Law Firm to have on your side. You will not find another Law Firm with this amount of knowledge, wisdom, and integrity anywhere.”

Diane Loweth

More Client Testimonials

“Rudy, Thank you for all your kindness and the respect every time I have spoken with you. You are a blessing and so knowledgeable and a very professional man. Your integrity and peace and the love of our savior is so present in you. You are the best.”
August  2017 – Nicki and Karl Jesaitis

“Rudy is without a doubt the best. His knowledge and his personal attention to my issues are unmatched to any other attorney i have ever used. He is highly skilled and caring, and goes over and beyond any expectations I had. Thank you Rudy!”
April 2017 – William Freise

“Rudy has made many recommendations to the United Retired Firefighters Association regarding increasing benefits, providing additional insurance, and provided much information regarding lobbying for various bills in the State as well as the City of NY. He’s attended many of our meetings as an adviser and over seer making certain we stay clear of any litigation’s. I’ve recommended him to many friends and associates and have always received very positive feedback. Rudy’s knowledge is well rounded and backed by many years of experience.” June 15, 2010. Top qualities: Great results, high integrity, creative.”
Paul Cinquemani, FDNY

“The Migliore family is one that is both respectable and honest. I would trust them with any situation I was going through that would require professional legal help.”
February 2017 – Tim Steffens

“Rudy is a man of character and truly cares about those he is working and with and for as well as the lives of the younger generation like myself and our direction in life. Consider yourself blessed to talk with him!”
November 2016 – Olivia Kim

“Rudy Migliore is a man of integrity and honesty who genuinely cares for others. He is a gifted lawyer who does whatever he can to help and he has a heart of gold. I wouldn’t hesitate to call upon his office for their services. They are the best!”
June 2016 – Christine Crabb

“I have known Rudy Migliore since our college days and from day one he had one specific goal, and that was to become a lawyer. Not only did he accomplish that goal, he became a leading figure of our community, always reaching out to others, with caring expertise, guidance, direction, and a rock solid knowledge of the law. Rudy is not only my attorney, he is my friend. I know he will always be there both in good times and bad. If you need an attorney or legal advice on any matter, I highly recommend his services, you will not be disappointed.”
June 2016 – Diane Goffredo

“My husband and I have known Rudy for many years. He truly is a genuine man of God who walks in integrity and supports Justice. I truly believe that every decision he makes is based upon prayer, God’s wisdom and the truth of his word. I would recommend his services for anyone who seeks honest and solid legal defense, advice and support. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. Congratulations Rudy, may God continue to bless all your endeavors.”
May 2016 – Marian and Ralph Multari

“This man is a professional and the most honorable person I know. He has handled many situations for me and my family for over 20 years. He is respected very highly by his peers. I am in business for almost 30 years. If I need help Rudy is there.”
May 2016 – Leo Lombardi

“Rudy is the best. He cares about you genuinely and wholeheartedly. He is working for you and keeps your spirits up along the way. I couldn’t put into words how much he helped me.”
May 2016 – Christalynn Liardi

“Rudy has helped me tremendously with my criminal case, he has stood by me every step of the way and has helped me throughout the process to feel stress free. He has had misdemeanors of mine dropped. I would suggest Rudy as a lawyer for anybodies court case.“
April 2016 – Alyssa Ciccone

“Rudy is the rare lawyer who truly cares about his clients while providing top-notch legal services. I would especially recommend him on non-profit and church related issues.”
Joseph Infranco, Senior Attorney, ADF

“Mr.Migliore is very understanding, calming and very reassuring during his time of work on cases. If you are local on Long Island and you would like to not be worrying during a case because you are unsure of how good your lawyer is I would definitely say choose Rudy Migliore!“
April 2016 – Terrence Spence

“In September 2012 I was arrested for DWI. I researched many lawyers to take on my case and finally came across Mr. Migliore. I met with him to talk about my case and right away felt completely at ease and confident that Rudy would do his best to help. Not only is Rudy a great lawyer but he is also a good friend. If you want a lawyer that will take the time to talk to you and treat you like a person and not just another case, pick Rudy Migliore. Thanks for all your help Rudy!“
April 2016 – Erica Julia

“As a small business owner for over twenty five years, I know of the great comfort that sound legal counsel can provide. Rudy Migliore and his legal team have proven to be a source of insightful guidance and advice in always charting the right course for my business and personal affairs as well. I esteem him to be a learned professional and a personal man of integrity.“
April 2016 – John LaGreca

“I have known Rudy for a number of years. He has been both an mentor and a friend to me. Rudy has a gift that anyone who deals with people on a regular basis appreciates, he can get a complex thought across to anyone quickly and with a smile on his face. With Rudy the people listening often end up smiling as well.”
Robert DeSilva, Former President, Long Island Association of Retired NYC Firefighters

“I would highly recommend Rudy Migliore. He is compassionate and spends a great deal of time on your case which makes you feel important. When I met Rudy I was at a horrible time in my life and the journey that he had began with me helped me with much more then just the legal process, he helped me get to a better place in my life. He takes time to get to know you and truly cares about his clients which is one of the many reasons why he is an exceptional lawyer. During my court cases Rudy told me how things were going to play out and they did just as he said, there were no surprises. You can trust him with everything and he will be on your side from beginning to the end.“
March 2016 – Alexa Posa

“I like many motorists on the road have thought it was okay to text and drive. I picked up my phone about to text but decided to plug it in. I was so oblivious there was an undercover police officer driving right next to me. I thought I was going to have five points on my license with fines imposed yearly assessment of $250 for three years. I told Rudy that I needed zero points and man did he deliver. I was told by many of my PD friends ” don’t bother fighting it you won’t win.” Rudy made it happen! I have started locking my phone in my glovebox while I drive. Rudy made it a pleasure to handle an extremely undesirable situation, but I still don’t want to have to see him soon. I am recommending one of my friends who also got one of these tickets, and didn’t learn from me.”
January 2016 –  Steven Rosenthal

“Rudy is a trusted individual with strong values. As an attorney working for and with you – your interests would be well served.”
Thomas Daparma, Trustee, Uniform Firefighters Association

“Time and again, the Law Firm of Rudy F. X. Migliore has proven to be an invaluable partner for our private Christian school. Knowing that we can call on their attorneys at any time to help us navigate through challenging legal questions provides a strong sense of security and safety for our team. Rudy and the others at the firm are always quick to listen carefully to our needs, and they consistently provide sound counsel for us, based on their many years of successful experience and their deep knowledge of employment, not-for-profit, and business law. They have my highest recommendation!”
January 2016 – Roger Erdvig

“Mr Migliore is a man a wonderful man with integrety and a man of his word.You can sit and talk to him about anything and know he will give u his time as well as understanding.His guidance and time has always helped myself and my family throught the years.He has always been there to help u with the smallest legal problems and through the biggest.I consider him a lifetime friend and always a attorney i can count on.I am blessed to have him in my life and forever greatful.”
November 2015 – Bonnie Parisi Borella

“Mr. Migliore represents what the ideal lawyer should be – practical, professional, and an amazing resource. I have recommended his firm several times already and will continue to do so in the future.”
October 2015 – Samantha M

“Rudy, Thank you for the continuous help and guidance. Your expertise and intentional efforts are always appreciated!”
October 2015 – Matt Pisani, Founder of Clean Slate Living

“I found in working with and for Rudy that he is very detailed oriented in his personal and his public life. He is very gifted in speaking honestly to others with a well thought through understanding of a situation. Among his best attributes is a genuine care for people personally, like a doctor who has great bedside manners. Still he understands how to be strong in giving direction for the best possible outcome with even those he is personally close with. Rudy is a man of character and integrity. I know him to be one that is true to his word in all areas of his life. Rudy is authentic in all that he puts his hands to!”
Gary Schnable, Sr., Pastor, Knox City Foursquare

“Rudy Migliore is an attorney who sincerely cares about people in every walk of life. His wealth of experience combined with his willingness to share his time and counsel, make him uniquely qualified to help people in their time of need. It has been my pleasure to know and work with Rudy Migliore.”
William A. Streppone, Immigration Attorney, Law Offices of William A. Streppone

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