Dangerous Baby Formula Alert- Risk of NEC 

What is NEC and What Are The Symptoms?  

 Many cases have been reported of infants developing NEC from cow milk-based baby formulas. NEC stands for necrotizing enterocolitis which is some cases can result in death. This condition causes tissue death in infants and half of the children that develop it do not survive. It can also cause holes in a child’s intestines which may result in a fatal infection.  These baby formulas can cause a bacterial infection that could be fatal for the baby. NEC is reported to mostly affect premature infants. Ninety percent of infants that developed necrotizing enterocolitis were born early. 

 NEC is very harmful to the intestines of the baby causing a lot of health problems. It can cause delays in a baby’s development, infections, and intestinal stricture. Intestinal stricture makes it hard for food to pass through the child’s body. When treating a baby with necrotizing enterocolitis they need to receive IV fluids and antibiotics. Sometimes the patient will need a tube that goes through the nose to the stomach. In some cases, surgery is required to open up the intestines for the child to digest. 

What Types of Baby Formula

Parents everywhere should be warned that certain baby formula could cause your child to get very sick. Some popular baby formula brands which have been sued in federal court include Similac and Enfamil. These brands advertised their products as safe to use and not harmful. These products have yet to be recalled and are still for sale. The companies often advertised their formula as healthy with no warning of the sickness that it could cause. A lawsuit can be filed against these companies if your child has been diagnosed with NEC after consuming the product. If your child was fed this kind of baby formula in the hospital and later developed this sickness you can still file a lawsuit with the hospital’s information. Parents are encouraged to keep any proof of the baby formula like receipts and packages. This will help strengthen the case. 

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Where can you go for help? 

If your child has been affected by NEC reach out to The Law Offices of Rudolph F.X. Migliore, P.C. Our firm is accepting cases related to injuries from NEC and will fight for the justice you deserve. Call our office at (631)-543-3663 or visit the website www.MiglioreLaw.com. We are located at 353 Veterans Memorial Highway Commack, NY 11725. We hope to be a great help to you and your family.