The Dangers of Drowsy Driving  


 Why is drowsy driving so dangerous? 

Drowsy driving is a combination of feeling tired or faint while operating a motor vehicle. This is most likely due to the drivers’ lack of sleep, or it could be because of medication, alcohol or an untreated sleeping disorder. This affects your ability to focus on the road. It also causes a slow reaction and affects the driver’s ability to make good decisions. The most dangerous outcome of drowsy driving is falling asleep at the wheel. This can cause a fatal accident for the driver and other motorists. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that in the year 2017 being drowsy while driving caused 91,000 car crashes. 800 of these crashes resulted in death for one of the drivers. If you are experiencing drowsiness while driving pull over to rest or if possible, change drivers. Some people are more likely to drive drowsy than others. For example, people who don’t get enough sleep, people that work night shifts, drivers with sleep disorders, and drivers on medication that make them tired.  

How do I know I’m too tired to drive?  

The warning signs that you are too tired to drive are:    

  • A lot of yawning and blinking 
  • Missing an exit  
  • Drifting into the other lane  
  • Hitting something on the side of the road 
  • Difficulty remembering  

How do I avoid drowsy driving?  

People who get less than 6 hours of sleep are more likely to fall asleep at the wheel than someone who got a good amount of sleep. Avoid this by getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Try and stick to a good sleeping schedule. Avoid taking any medication that will make you drowsy before driving. Many medications can cause drowsiness. For example, prescriptions, sleeping aids, dietary supplements. Sometimes taking medications like these at night can cause drowsiness while driving. This is very important because all it takes is a few seconds to cause an accident. Microsleeps is when the driver falls asleep for a few seconds. This can cause your vehicle to go off the road or hit another car. The faster you are going while this happens the more dangerous it becomes. Driving when drowsy causes impairments that are like drunk driving. Going 24 hours with no sleep is extremely like being under the influence of alcohol. Try caffeine to keep yourself more alert while driving. This is, however, only a temporary solution. Get enough rest before driving and do not risk get into an accident.  

How can we help? 

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