Essure is a non-surgical, permanent birth control device that has been reported to cause women a host of adverse side effects, surgical operations, and unnecessary pain and suffering. The manufacturer, Bayer, advertised that Essure was effective and less invasive than other devices or contraceptives, therefore making the device appealing to women looking for a permanent birth control option. In 2002, the FDA approved Essure, which led to thousands of women across the country having full faith that the device was safe to be implanted. Many women who put their trust in Essure experienced a plethora of negative side effects.

Below are the reported side effects thus far;

Autoimmune responses such as:
~Hair loss
~Weight gain
Metal poisoning
Chronic pelvic pain
Migration of the device
Expulsion of the device
Perforation of organs
Ectopic pregnancy
Fetal death

The legal battle with the manufacturer has been challenging. The device was approved through the Pre-Market Approval process, which allowed Essure to be prescribed without proper and thorough testing. Unfortunately, this Pre-Market Approval process gives the manufacturer a shield against liability. The manufacturer, however, is also accused of knowing the risks associated with the device and hiding reports of dangerous side effects women experienced. As reports of the manufacturer’s negligence continue to be reported, the shield for Bayer is looking weaker. Legal action is being taken to hold the manufacturer responsible. So far over 16,000 lawsuits have been filed against Bayer.

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