Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder  


Many people use Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder every day. It has now been found that long term use of this powder causes an increased risk of ovarian cancer. The powder was found embedded in ovarian cancer tumors. The powder has also been linked to lung cancer. Despite this corporations continued to sell and produce talcum power. Johnson & Johnson is one of the popular corporations that market this product. They have faced many lawsuits concerning talc baby powder. Thousands of women believe use of this powder lead to them developing ovarian cancer. Thousands of people also believe this powder is linked to the development of mesothelioma.  

Johnson & Johnson created a company called LTL Management. The company moved all the problem products over to this spin off company. They created this company while facing 38,000 lawsuits. These lawsuits were from people claiming the powder caused them to develop cancer. The LTL management company quickly filed for bankruptcy. By declaring bankruptcy, it puts a pause on any active lawsuits. Johnson & Johnson did this to protect themselves from the many lawsuits they are facing.  

Judge Michael Kaplan ruled that LTL can proceed with the bankruptcy. This will put many current lawsuits on hold. The judge claimed bankruptcy would be the most effective fix for the people hurt by Johnson & Johnson. The company has stopped selling baby powder made with talc in the U.S. and Canada. The company still, however, sells talc-based baby powder in other countries. Johnson & Johnson states that they do not believe the baby powder contains asbestos or causes cancer. They claim the baby powder is still safe to use despite research proving it’s harmful. The plaintiffs have appealed the decision to allow the bankruptcy to proceed. They believe that Johnson & Johnson should face full liability.  

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