Congratulations Rudolph J. Migliore on being inducted into Marques Who’s Who list of 2022!  

Marques Who’s Who has been publishing information about deserving professionals since 1899. Each person selected to be on the list has a press release written about their success. According to Marques Who’s Who; “Both compassionate and aggressive, the team works diligently to protect and fight for the legal rights of its clients. Providing superior representation in all areas of personal injury, including automobile accidents, slip and fall injuries, medical malpractice, and assault”.  Being inducted into this list is a prestigious honor and deserved recognition for all the hard work people put into their careers. Many people use this list as a source of information on people in fields such as law, medicine and academia. Getting featured on this list brings more opportunities and attention to the individual. The law office of Rudolph Migliore is proud to announce it is now a part of this admirable listing.  

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