Motorcycle Accidents  

While May just ended, we are reminded that it was Motorcycle Awareness Month. In May, we are reminded of how to stay safe around motorcycles on the road. Warmer weather means that more motorcycles will be on the road. In 2020 fourteen percent of fatal crashes were suffered by motorcyclists. 

 Some tips to stay safe when driving around motorcycles: 

  •  Always be aware of your surroundings for your own safety and the other drivers.  
  • When driving near a motorcycle always allow them the full width of a lane.  
  • Always use your turning signal when changing lanes. Check your mirrors and blind spots. Take extra precautions when turning left because a lot of crashes happen when turning left.  
  • Keep your focus on the road and don’t get distracted. Always give the motorcyclist A few seconds of space.  
  • If you are driving at night and motorcycle approaches give them extra space and make sure your high beams are turned off.  

For motorcycles to be safe on the road: 

  • Drivers dress to be visible so they will be easily seen by other drivers. Also always keep your headlights on and try not to stay in the blind spot of cars.  
  • Always be cautious and alert when driving near other cars. 
  •  Make sure you are wearing protective gear every time you operate a motor vehicle. Wear a helmet and cover all your arms and legs. Wear something thick like leather or denim for better protection. 
  •  Before riding your bike check that everything is running how it’s supposed to and there are no problems with the bike. 
  •   When slowing down use the brake light to inform the other cars. Motorcyclists often do not use their brakes when slowing down but it is safer for the other cars around them.  
  • Follow traffic laws and do not drive recklessly. Do not speed or drive under the influence. If you are riding with a passenger, make sure they know how to stay safe.  
  • A tip that a lot of motorcyclists follows is to drive like you are invisible. What this means is to drive as if no other cars can see you and assume that all of them will hit you. This helps drivers to stay more alert and avoid accidents. Drivers nowadays can get distracted, and an accident can happen very quickly.  

Some of the most common injuries from motorcycle crashes include organ damage, broken bones, internal bleeding, brain injuries, and more. If you or someone you know has been in a motorcycle accident, get medical attention as soon as possible. Follow the doctor’s instructions and take time off work if needed. If you do not seem to be badly injured, it is still important that you get checked out by a doctor after the accident. Keep everything from the accident like photos and damaged belongings. Take photos of any damage before getting it repaired. Write down all the details after the accident so you don’t forget later.  

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