Nursing home neglect is a form of minimal care that results in harm towards patients.  Neglect can come in various forms, all of which are unacceptable.


The three most common forms of nursing home neglect are:

Hygienic Neglect:  The patient does not receive help with different forms of hygienic practice such as teeth brushing, laundry, and bathing.

Neglect of Basic Needs:  The nursing home fails to provide reasonable food, water, or a clean environment that the elderly can live in.

Medical Neglect:   Medical concerns such as bedsores, diabetes, cognitive diseases, mobility issues, and infections are not treated or treated inadequately.


Victims of nursing home neglect are often vulnerable, and most can no longer protect themselves or seek the help they need. Because of this, many cases of nursing home neglect go unnoticed and unreported. Elderly patients living in negligence are at risk for serious diseases, infections, injuries, and even death.

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