Nursing Home Negligence 

Nursing home negligence is when older residents at a nursing home are neglected and sometimes even abused. This includes bad care of the residence that causes them to suffer. This could be a worker not reaching out to a doctor when it is needed, refusing to change a resident’s clothes or bedding, not cleaning a resident when needed, not providing enough food or water, refusing to treat a resident’s illness or injuries. Things like this can be very harmful to the residents’ mental and physical health.  


Types of nursing home neglect: 


  • Abandonment – This is when a worker responsible for taking care of them leaves a resident stranded with no help. 


  • Medical Neglect – This is when a worker fails to properly take care of or put a stop to a resident’s health problems. This can result in the problem getting worse or an infection developing.  


  • Neglect of Basic Needs – This is when a care facility does not provide its residents with enough food and water. It also includes when they are not provided with a clean place to live, or their safety is at risk.  


  • Neglect of Personal Hygiene – This is when workers fail to properly take care of a resident by refusing to bathe them or do their laundry. This leaves the resident dirty and in unclean clothes.  


  • Self-Neglect – This is when a resident cannot care for themselves, and refuses help from others. Workers are supposed to prevent this and provide care regardless.  


  • Social or Emotional Neglect – This includes ignoring a resident or refusing to let them interact with family or other residents.  


Warning signs of nursing home neglect include a resident losing mobility, as a good care facility should make sure their residents stay active and mobile. Another sign is when a resident is not clean or healthy. A lot of elderly people in care facilities need help bathing or brushing their teeth. Neglect may lead to psychological problems such as fear of staff or anger and resentment. A lot of residents being neglected in these care facilities will experience malnutrition and dehydration due to lack of food and water. Unexplained injuries could be a big sign of neglect because the care takers are responsible for preventing and taking care of injuries. Unclean living conditions show negligence as the facility should be providing them with a clean-living environment.  

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