Self-driving Car Crashes  


 In 2022 about 400 car crashes were reported by self-driving cars while using the automated driving systems. 273 of these crashes being from the car brand Tesla. These crashes all took place from July 2021 to May 2022. Experts have not yet been able to recognize a pattern between the accidents yet. The accidents that involved Tesla occurred while the vehicle was on autopilot. This could mean the car was in full-self driving mode or in driver-assist mode. When the car is put in driver-assisted mode the driver has a little more control over the speed and steering but not fully. Tesla has sold at least 830,000 of these cars. Data does show that about a third of these crashes were when the car was stopped and was hit into by another vehicle. In Arizona a company named Waymo has a driverless taxi service. This taxi service was involved in 62 accidents. None of the taxi cars were involved in any fatal accidents and only one with serious injury.  

The NHTSA reported that in these crashes five were killed and six were injured. They also reported it is difficult to find the exact number of cars on the road using these systems. There still needs to be a lot of research done on these crashes to determine what the problem is. Some experts have discovered that the driver seems to rely on the auto-mated system so much that when a situation occurs where the driver needs to take control they are not prepared. These systems can lead to big improvements in safety however, people need more knowledge of how to use them correctly. These systems provide steering, braking, and increase speed itself but drivers still need to be paying attention and ready to take control at any moment. Some drivers get tricked into thinking the car is just driving itself when this is not the case. It’s important for owners of these cars to understand how they work and how to use them properly.  

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