Complications from incisional hernia repair with Hernia Mesh are shown to occur up to five years after the initial surgery. The study about the implications of open and laparoscopic Hernia Mesh, published by Dunja Kokotovic and fellow colleagues, showed that procedures done with a Hernia Mesh indeed decreased the rate of hernia reoccurrence; however, the study also found that patients with Hernia Mesh experienced more post-operation complications.

Patients in the study experienced complications anywhere from post-op to five years after an implanted Hernia Mesh. These complications require the patient to go through additional surgeries to treat problems such as bowel obstruction, perforation and bleeding. Other complications include pain, non-healing wounds, infections, fluid buildup, and fistulas, an abnormality caused by injury or surgery, in which blood vessels, intestines, or other hollow organs fuse together.

According to the study’s publication on JAMA, “Among patients undergoing incisional repair, sutured repair was associated with a higher risk of reoperation for recurrence over 5 years compared with open mesh and laparoscopic mesh repair. With long-term follow-up, the benefits attributable to mesh are offset in part by mesh-related complications.”

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By Aleksandra Aronova