Veterans Day is a time to pay respect and honor the men and women who served our country. It is through their selfless bravery that our freedom is protected. On this day, it is important to remember the sacrifices made by those who served in the military.

The first Veterans Day was on November 11, 1919 and was originally called “Armistice Day”. It marked the first anniversary of the end of WWI, when the Allied and German forces called for an armistice. In 1954, Dwight D. Eisenhower changed the name to Veterans Day in order to include veterans who served in all wars. Veterans Day recognizes all men and women who served in the armed forces during times of both war and peace.

We celebrate Veterans Day with parades, ceremonies, and other events. Those who served our country can also take advantage of free meals, services, and special discounts on this day. A full list can be found here. Typically, these offers require a military identification card.

While we take time this one day a year to honor our veterans, it is also important to remember that the emotional and physical ramifications of war is something that many veterans have to live with on a daily basis. War can leave many veterans with physical scars, however, often they are left with scars that cannot be seen. These emotional scars can make assimilating back into civilian life extremely difficult. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a growing epidemic among veterans. PTSD can cause aggression, irritability, withdrawn behavior, and flashbacks where they relive the trauma they endured. Fortunately, there are many organizations in place that offer help to veterans who are struggling, including:

These organizations ensure that those who are struggling are not alone. There are resources and people here to help.

All of us at The Law Offices of Rudolph F.X. Migliore take this day to show our appreciation and respect to our veterans. We thank them for the sacrifices they made for our country.