It is important to keep updated on the traffic legislation for your state. When pulled over, not knowing the law does not excuse you from being held responsible for consequences and penalties. All laws are free for the public to access and are a part of being an informed citizen. Read below for the updated New York laws for 2017 and 2018. A quick skim may save you from an accident, fine, or court date.


The “Move Over” Law: VLT 1144-a(a)

This law has been in place since 2011; however, as of 2017 it expanded. Originally, New York State required that drivers slow down and change lanes when approaching pulled over or stopped emergency vehicles. Today, more vehicles are classified as emergency vehicles: law enforcement vehicles, tow trucks, HELP trucks, roadway construction crews, roadway maintenance crews, sanitation vehicles, volunteer fight fighter vehicles, and volunteer ambulances. Any vehicle with blue or green lights constitutes as an emergency vehicle. Penalties include a $275 fine, a mandatory surcharge of $88 to $93 and 2 points on your license.


Tinted Window Inspection (VTL 375-12a)

Tinted windows have been a continuing problem in the State of New York. Due to new legislation, for your car to pass inspection in this state, cars with window tints below the 70% threshold will not pass inspection. If you are caught with tinted windows outside of the allowed limit, you will be fined about $80 per window.


Seatbelt Requirements (VTL 1229-c)

Seatbelt legislation has expanded its requirements to necessitate the wearing of seatbelts for the operators of taxis and livery vehicles. Passengers 16 years and up in these vehicles, sitting in the front seat, must also wear a seatbelt at all times. These updates are added to the original requirements of the state of New York. Offenders of this legislation may be subjected to fines: $50 for adults, $25-$100 and 3 points for children. As usual, a surcharge will be applied of $88-$93.


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