Tylenol Lawsuit 


Tylenol is a popular pain reliever used throughout the United States. It is marketed as one of the only pain relievers safe to take during pregnancy. However, it has recently been discovered that taking Tylenol while pregnant can increase the risk of the child being diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. Studies providing this evidence have been ignored and it has still been marketed as safe to take during pregnancy.  

 To bring a lawsuit you must provide evidence of the offense you allege. In this case you must be able to prove that Tylenol was taken during pregnancy and that your child was diagnosed with either Autism or ADHD. This can be shown by medical records of the diagnosis and any proof that Tylenol was taken during pregnancy (receipts or doctors notes). You may also include the damage caused including medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wadges, and permanent disability. You may also file a lawsuit if you used generic Acetaminophen. These lawsuits are being filed against CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and other pharmacies that sell Acetaminophen. 

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