The beautiful summer weather means people spend more time outdoors, and unfortunately this leads to more accidents.  As with any type of motor vehicle accident, if you were involved in a personal boating accident and sustained a serious injury, you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

With the right legal counsel, you may be entitled to compensation from the owners of the other boat under a claim of negligence. In this type of case, the litigation is focused around holding the other party responsible and proving that the party failed to act with reasonable care.

When a boat collides with another boat, typically, both parties involved are partially at fault. However, there are some exceptions. If a sailboat collides with a motorboat, boating practices make it more likely that the motorboat will be at fault. It is the operator’s responsibility to stay clear of sailboats while operating a motorboat.

If you are a passenger on a boat, and the boat hits a wake or a large wave that causes you to sustain serious injuries, you may be able to hold the operator of the boat liable. These types of cases are usually more difficult to litigate, however the operator of a boat is ultimately responsible for the safety of his or her passengers, as well as avoiding hazardous waters.

Compensation in these types of cases is based on insurance and assets. Unlike car insurance, boat insurance is not mandatory for boat owners in some areas. If the liable party does not have boat insurance or assets, it is best to contact a legal professional to see what type of compensation may be available, and if there is a case.

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By Aleksandra Aronova