Workplace injuries  


Many different types of injuries can happen in the workplace. This is bad for both the employer and the employee, costing each great sums of money. Depending on the injury, the employee could be out of work for months.  

The top five most common workplace injuries include: 

  • Trip, slips, and falls -This type of injury is one of the most reported worker’s compensation claims. These types of injuries often cause neck, back, and head injuries, broken bones, cuts, sprains, and pulled muscles. Wet surfaces or steps, poor lighting, uncovered cables, or uneven walking surfaces can cause these kinds of accidents. Accidents like these can be avoided with good housekeeping, proper walking surfaces, and wearing the right shoes. Employees should also report to their managers when spills, damage, and obstructions occur.  
  • Injured by a moving machine – Injuries can easily occur when working with heavy machinery.  The most common include crushed arms or hands, severed fingers, blindness, and more. The way to prevent these injuries is to undergo the right operating training, protective gear should always be provided, and machines should always be properly guarded. 
  • Vehicle accidents – These injuries include being hit or run over by a moving vehicle, falling out of a vehicle, and getting stuck under a vehicle. The best way to avoid these kinds of accidents is to keep vehicles and pedestrians separate in the workplace. A speed limit and caution signs are also helpful.  
  • Fires and Explosions – Fires and explosions are often caused by things like open flames, improperly stored materials, and faulty gas lines. Injuries include burns, disfigurement, and damage to the respiratory system. Employees should always wear the protective gear needed and be educated on the material safety protocol.  
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries – These types of injuries could permanently impair a worker from doing their job. Things that cause these types of injuries include improper lifting, no breaks during work, and constant typing. The way to prevent these injuries is to adjust the job to fit the body’s needs. Employers should always practice workplace safety. This means making sure there is always protective equipment, and proper training, and that the facility is up to date with the right regulations.  

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