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Dog Bite Laws | Injuries | Prevention

About 6,000 people under the age of 20 suffer from injuries related to dog bites annually according to New York State Department of Health. Over 200 of these people were injured severely enough to require hospitalization. Regardless of physical damages, there can be severe emotional scars as well. Most dog bite incidents are preventable as long as the necessary steps are taken by dog owners. Victims who suffer due to someone else’s negligence deserve just compensation.


Dog Bite Laws

Specific laws related to dog bites can be complicated and challenging.Victims may be eligible for financial compensation for injuries, damages, and losses. It is most likely that a victim will receive compensation if it can be proved that the owner of the animal knew of its viciousness and could have prevented the attack. Owners of vicious dogs may also face criminal charges after an incident occurs. It is considered a misdemeanor in New York and punishable by $3,000 and up to 90 days in jail.


There is a wide range of injuries that may result from a dog attack, depending on how strong and powerful the dog is. Scratches or lacerations are on the less severe end; meanwhile bite marks, puncture wounds or even death are obviously more serious. Some victims are even exposed to rabies, a potentially fatal viral disease as well as other deadly infections.

Preventing An Attack

The best way to prevent a dog attack is to be cautious. Keep your eyes open for dogs that you are not familiar with, and be sure to stay a safe distance away from them. Do not run away from a dog that you do not know, as this may cause them to chase you. Instead, remain in one spot and refrain from making eye contact.


If Attacked

If you have been attacked by a dog, please be sure to do the following:

  • Get basic information from the dog owner, as well as any witnesses who saw the attack occur
  • Clean and cover your wounds, and see a health professional
  • Report the attack to authorities by dialing 311
  • Keep records of all expenses related to the attack
  • Photograph your injuries as they heal
  • Contact a personal injury attorney, who can give you guidance regarding pursuing a case and receiving compensation

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