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Product Liability | Defective Products Lawyer

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is charged with protecting the public from unreasonable risks of serious injury or death from thousands of types of consumer products under the agency’s jurisdiction. The CPSC works to ensure the safety of consumer products and has contributed significantly to the 30% decline in the rate of deaths and injuries associated with consumer products for the past 30 years.

Nevertheless, dangerous and harmful products still manage to find their way into the marketplace every year. The CPSC recalls hundreds of products annually and consumer injuries from defective products are common.

Types of Liability Cases

If you suffer serious injury from the use of a dangerous product, you have the right to pursue fair and complete compensation for medical expenses, pain, suffering and rehabilitation. At the law office of Rudolph F. X. Migliore, P.C., our personal injury lawyers have handled many product liability cases and have fight to obtain fair compensatory settlements for our clients.

Legal cases involving liability fall into three primary categories:

  • Negligence
  • Strict Liability
  • Breach of Warranty

Examples of Defective Products

  • Unsafe toys (e.g., lead paint exposure, sharp edges, choking hazards, fire or burn risks)
  • Laptop batteries with high danger of heating and causing fires
  • Electric blankets that overheat and burn consumers
  • Defective auto parts/automobiles (e.g., seatbelt and seat back failure, defective air bags, tire tread separation, gas tank explosions)
  • Defective cribs resulting in infant crib death
  • Defective medical devices, such as pacemakers, defibrillators and dialysis filters
  • Birth control patches leading to blood clots, stroke and death
  • Pharmaceutical drugs with no warning of dangerous side effects, such as liver and kidney damage and increased risk of heart attacks or stroke

Contact an Experienced Attorney — Get a Free Case Evaluation

The law office of Rudolph F. X. Migliore, P.C. stands ready to help victims harmed by a dangerous medical product. Our firm accepts cases that involve a variety of prescription drugs, medical devices and other consumer products.

If you or a loved one has been injured or a family member has died from using a dangerous product, it is important that consult with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. If you fail to act within the timeframe set by the New York statute of limitations, you will be prohibited from obtaining the compensation to which you may be entitled.

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