The Hallie Rae Ulrich Foundation

Drew Scott, a former news anchor for News 12 and now a dear friend of mine, has instilled a glimmer of hope in me. The perseverance he has, after losing his granddaughter to opioids, is now inspiring a fight on Long Island.

Drew Scott (left) and myself (right)

Hallie Rae left Long Island in heart-ache. She was a young and beautiful girl with bright and promising future. After her dedication and hard work fighting opioid addiction, she was tragically found dead in a park in East Hampton. She had a supportive family and she was getting help in treatment programs, yet the addiction took its toll.

Hallie Rae Ulrich

I had the honor of sitting down with him and aiding in the creation of his non-profit organization in remembrance of his granddaughter, Hallie Rae Ulrich. Drew and his family members created The Hallie Rae Foundation, Inc. to provide information to the general public regarding the dangers of opioid addiction. However, it will also promote, foster, and encourage scholastic achievement by providing students who demonstrate their support in fighting back against opioid addiction with scholarships, grants, stipends, and financial assistance. The organization will also provide financial assistance to the families of individuals seeking treatment for opioid addiction to offset the cost of expensive rehabilitation treatments.

The fight against opioids has growingly become dear and persistent to me. Growing up on Long Island, I hope to make the streets safe for generations to come. Heroin and other opioids have become an epidemic. Every year overdoses due to opioids take the lives of hundreds of individuals on Long Island. In the beginning of 2018, I started a campaign that influenced thousands. Don’t Start has become my office’s philanthropic involvement. To come to our next Don’t Start conference stay up to date with our social media pages or tune into Hope Radio NY on 94.9 or 104.2 FM, on Friday mornings.


If you would like to support The Hallie Rae Foundation, visit to donate.

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